Get ready for CES

First of all, what is CES?

We’re talking about the world’s largest high-tech trade expo, where the most innovative players in every field from healthcare to sports are present. That’s an opportunity for every start-up to shine before investors, the public and the media of course!

CHAMPAGNE – Great wine or luxury product?

Let me invite you to beautiful Château de la Marquetterie near Épernay for a private press dinner hosted by Champagne Taittinger’s President Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger. We feel honoured, we enjoy the wines, we absorb history and we are attentively following the inspiring conversation. We do not question for a single moment that we are indulging in luxury. Then one of the journalists dining with us dares to ask this question: „Mr. Taittinger, in your opinion, is Champagne one of the great wines of France or simply a luxury product?“