Get ready for CES

Once you’re already there, its too late! Or make sure that what happened in Vegas will not stay in Vegas

by Thibault Peulen, CAP & CIME PR

First of all, what is CES?

We’re talking about the world’s largest high-tech trade expo, where the most innovative players in every field from healthcare to sports are present. That’s an opportunity for every start-up to shine before investors, the public and the media of course!

The 2018 edition hosted over 7,500 journalists (and the same number of bloggers) covering 4,000 exhibitors and producing 60,000 media pieces.

It’s clear than it isn’t easy to get the attention of the media, inundated by CES-related content.

If you want to stand out, there are two simple keywords you have to bear in mind: Preparation and Content.

Prepare your media engagements

In order to succeed in your media goals, it is crucial to plan your media relations activities BEFORE the event and to contact the key journalists in your sector beforehand. They will have the time to become acquainted with your company and its products, include you in their expo itinerary and think of the best way to include you in their articles, provided you have caught their attention with truly newsworthy stuff.

The earlier you start (at least 1 month before the event), the more likely you are to attract reporters to your booth.

Also, remember that the reporters will have very little time to offer as they will be surrounded by hundreds of other expo participants. Journalists regularly conduct interviews in short format on the spot and publish them immediately afterwards. Hence the importance of contacting them beforehand but also of preparing your pitch.

Get ready to tell the story of your company, present your products and discuss your plans for the future in just a few minutes! Keep in mind that the reports made during CES have an outstanding potential of going viral. The 2017 edition alone collected more than 4.3 million mentions on Twitter.

Produce visual content

Creating content is also a good way to distinguish yourself and gain visibility. During the show, you yourself can become a media outlet. Get your executives to talk, let them describe your products or the history of the company. That would make for impactful and valuable content that you can then disseminate online or even some get some TV channels interested. You will double your chances of being featured on mass media but also to engage with your online networks.

Finally, think about making your story visual. Hundreds of cameras will be roaming CES; take a chance to get their attention by investing in visual effects. Remember that audio-visual journalists (online, television, etc.) are looking, above all, for images. Display your products properly and make sure your booth is the reflection of your story.