PRWA Delivers Report Card on European PR Issues to NYIT Students

by Henry Feintuch, Feintuch Communications

Last October, members of PRWA practiced their own international diplomacy when a group of our partners joined a panel discussion in New York City in collaboration with the New York Institute of Technology.

The PRWA/NYIT session focused on trends and issues in European PR and was meant to provide a global perspective to NYIT students and members of the New York Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. The event preceded last year’s New York General Assembly.

The panel of experts on hand to meet with more than 60 students and PRSA-NY members were: Alberto Franchella, SECI; Davor Huic, Briefing; Catherine Kable, Kable Communication; and Henry Feintuch, Feintuch Communications, who served as co-moderator. Other panelists included co-moderator John Hanc, associate professor, communication arts at NYIT; and NYIT invitee Alexander Schaper, from German agency fischerAppelt.

The evening kicked off with a special appearance by NYIT President Hank Foley who welcomed the panel and discussed the importance of sharing knowledge about the industry – especially given the global nature of the university. He was followed by John Hyde, dean, Office of Career Services, NYIT.

Each of the panelists were able to introduce themselves and their companies and then address a number of pre-scheduled topics of interest to students and PR practitioners. The remarks from the panel were fascinating; everyone in the room was riveted to hear what our partners thought of public relations and crisis issues, sexism in the industry, salary issues, fake news, the geo-political environment and more.

The session went on well beyond its scheduled time with numerous questions and networking after the formal presentation. Later that night, the PRWA team, and some audience members, went off for margaritas and a tasty Mexican dinner at Rosa Mexicana near Lincoln Center (contact Henry for additional photos).