Panama PR starts 2023 with a new name after 18 years

The Stuttgart-based PRWA partner agency, which started in 2005 as an independent PR unit of Panama advertising, changed its name in January 2023. The new name and logo focus on public relations and values communication. The name is a registered trademark.

Values communication stands for a value-based spirit within the agency’s team and in cooperation with thepublic’s clients. Values communication also describes the strategy of making the values of companies and brands visible to the media, stakeholders and public audiences and communicating them in a credible way.

Long-standing consulting clients of thepublic are Comité Champagne; Pink Lady Europe; Walter Technology; Fein Tools; Uhlmann pharma packaging group, a global market leader in door, window and building technology; as well as one of the global auditing and consulting companies.

The owner-managed agency achieves over 60 percent of its turnover with international clients. The team speaks and works in four languages every day. Christian Josephi founded the PR agency in May 2005 together with Panama advertising. Meike Grisson joined as the second managing partner in 2016. She started as a trainee in 2009.

The spin-off Joe Communications has also been successfully established in the last three years. Founded together with the U.S. agency Stanton Communications as a 50/50 joint venture, Joe is positioned as the first American-German communications consultancy with an integrated transatlantic consulting team. This has now also convinced Vetter Pharma in Ravensburg, a German CDMO generating about 60 percent of its global sales in the USA.

This year, thepublic plans to further expand its service portfolio in the areas of media relations and PR, crisis prevention and communication as well as influencer marketing and social communications. This will only be possible with additional consultants. thepublic is an agency with a unique working and trust culture. All processes are digitalised and 100% New Work has been implemented: everyone in thepublic team freely determines their work location and working hours every day. This is crucial in the search for the best talent.