“Out of the black: you can get out of depression”

GAS designed the campaign “Out of the black: you can get out of depression”

Gas Communication designed and managed the integrated, creative communication campaign, “Out of the black: you can get out of depression,” launched by The Bridge Foundation and created with the unconditional support from Angelini Pharma.
Depression is the most common mental health disorder in Italy, affecting as many as 3.5 million people, and one of the leading causes of disability.
The campaign had as its central moment the creative work of the street artist Lucamaleonte, who first recreated a big “black hole,” a symbol of depression, on the pavement of a suburban square in Milan just in front of a metro station.
After a week, the artist then transformed this black hole into a work of art, a floral subject: it is a multi-coloured bouquet that represents rebirth after a period of darkness, such as depression, testifying that getting out of it, it is possible, asking for help and with a steady commitment.
The campaign was also articulated on the social networks Facebook and Instagram and on The Bridge Foundation’s website where information on depression and useful advice on how to deal with this disease were offered, both for the patients and for family members.
The campaign was launched during a press conference held in Milan – which had the patronage of the Italian Society of General Medicine (SIMG), the Italian Society of Psychiatry (SIP), the Lombardy Regional Section of the SIP (SIP-LO) and of the Municipality 8 of Milan. An intense activity of press office led to an excellent spreading of the news.
Watch the video of the painting creation here.