Gas Communications from Italy joins PRWA

Specialisation in healthcare and ethics: the key drivers for Gas Communication

Gas Communication, an Italian agency with offices in Rome and Milan, specialises in healthcare communication, awareness campaigns for patients, media relations, digital and social media activities, influencing public opinion and institutions, the promotion of disease prevention and early diagnosis. It works to give a voice to associations of patients, scientific societies and pharmaceutical companies, their achievements, and challenges.

“We carry out our work with a spirit of service, aware that often our interlocutors are people in difficulty; we think and implement our projects with the aim of facilitating patients and caregivers in dealing with the management of the disease, promoting correct information on pathologies, the symptoms that characterise them, the importance of early diagnosis, new treatments, in scientific terms, and always with an informative and journalistic approach. This has allowed us to gain credibility not only with our customers, but also with a large network of journalists and media” explains Giuliana Goggi, CEO Gas Communication.