Custom Media from Japan joins PRWA

Founded in Tokyo in 2008, Custom Media is an award-winning, bilingual creative digital agency for market entry and expansion in Japan. We provide data-driven, targeted marketing solutions with a solid return-on-investment approach focusing on customer engagement.
Our company was founded with a strong background in journalism, magazine publishing and content creation, but over the years we have expanded to corporate communications, public relations, web design, digital marketing, social media management and more. We have extensive experience delivering a variety of creative solutions—from web design and social media management to content creation and performance marketing—for clients in a wide range of industries. Our clients include major brands in luxury real estate, hospitality, education, healthcare and SaaS leaders, plus other global and local industries. Our network consists of foreign chambers of commerce in Japan, an expansive group of business and thought leaders and international and domestic companies.
We pride ourselves on the diversity of our team, and over the years, we’ve had people from more than 20 countries work with us. We also maintain a large team of freelance journalists, designers and translators who assist us on a broad array of special projects.