Bepublic With 3 BORAs Awards

Bepublic Group has won 2 gold and 1 bronze prizes at the very first edition of the BORAs, the Best of Reputation Awards. The BORAs award the best PR stories in terms of earned media and influencer relations in five categories. The Best of Reputation Awards are an initiative of ACC, the professional association of communications agencies.
Bepublic Group was nominated for three awards – twice for Telenet and once for the Royal Belgian Football Association (KBVB).
With Telenet, Bepublic Group was nominated for the communication approach that was developed for the launch of the new TV advertising model that makes it more difficult to fast-forward through advertising. Bepublic managed to get one gold and one bronze BORA for this communication.
KBVB’s communications campaign objective was to urgently seek 700 new referees. In consultation with Bepublic, KBVB communicated in three major waves spread over several months. The results were impressive: the campaign appeared in the media no less than 150 times and many hundreds of people applied to become referees. This communication won a gold BORA.
There were 51 entries for the first edition of the BORAs.