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PR World Alliance partners are leaders in the practice of communications in their respective countries. They are well-established, independent, owner-led firms dedicated to the client and focused precisely on the achievement of client business objectives.

Collectively, our partners avail client of formidable experience in an broad range of industries. They have significant subject matter expertise enabling them to deliver informed, insightful, intelligent programs that achieve clear and measureable goals.

PR World Alliance welcomes new partners from countries where we are not currently represented or from firms with a capability not offered by a current partner in the same country.

We request specific information from candidates to ensure they are fiscally sound, suitably capable and fully independent. We invite inquiries and applications and welcome candidates to attend our twice annual General Assemblies to experience PR World Alliance during the application process.


Public relations firms are accepted into membership in PR World Alliance through a majority vote of the partners after a thorough vetting process. Upon admission, partners commit to maintaining high standards of performance and quality control to ensure that clients receive the best possible level of service and fellow members have a trusted resource that can be called upon with confidence in both the delivery of service and accountability for program outcomes.


PR World Alliance partner firms work closely together on shared client programs for the business benefit of all involved. Even in the absence of an immediate commercial gain, partners strive to share knowledge, contacts, insight and skills. We make our individual professionals available for industry perspective and counsel, transfer of best practices, and mutual professional development. Our working relationships are nurtured over time through direct, personal interaction, twice annual meetings, and frequent dialogues in working groups and partnership committees. The result is a true alliance and a foundation of trust.

Value to Clients

Clients typically engage individual PR World Alliance partners to address specific business needs. That partner will turn to others in the network for on-the-ground assistance in a priority geography for the client, or because the partner can provide sector expertise and counsel of vital importance to the client and the success of the client’s initiative.

Each client, therefore, enters into a dynamic relationship with a firm capable of delivering outstanding industry expertise nationally, but also with the capacity to turn national initiatives into multi-regional or global campaigns as and when required.

This ability to engage and disengage as needed is of unique benefit to clients since the burdensome cost of carrying a global network is not already built into rates or budgets as a hidden expense.

PRWA 2020

In 2010, PR World Alliance dedicated itself to a decade-long initiative to develop the network in four key areas of priority:

PR World Alliance 2020 – A Strategy for Growth encompasses the following:

  • New Members
  • New Business
  • Professional Development and Exchange
  • Network Promotion and Positioning

The agenda for action in each of these areas has been formulated and continues to be refined under the leadership of members of the Board of Directors who have assumed responsibility for one of these priorities.

New members are invited to volunteer for participation on specific working groups to advance the strategic plan and action agenda in any of these areas.

Member Benefits
  • Collaboration
    A collaborative environment where experienced professionals share ideas and knowledge that foster business success and growth
  • Access Expertise
    Access to subject-matter expertise to enable partners to better serve clients and build in-house professional capability
  • Global Reach
    Global reach and country-specific resources available for presentations, client counsel and firm positioning
  • Professional Development
    Professional development for staff through interaction with a global network of professionals
  • Internationally Competitive
    Enhanced ability to compete for multi-national assignments against wholly-owned firms and smaller independents cobbling together alliances for the sake of a pitch
  • Business Referrals
    Business referrals from fellow partners with contacts or clients requiring service in a member’s home country or area of specialization
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